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(Only answer questions you consider necessary)


Through friends or colleagues
Chosen directly from publicity and/or previous knowledge
Prestige of firm or specialization in matter solicited

2) In general, do you mention or recommend the Lawyer you are a client of to your colleagues, family, friends and/or clients?

3) Do you consider that you received correct professional advice from the lawyer in the matters in which you are involved?

4) Do you consider that the lawyer you are a client of works correctly on the matters you request of them?

5) Give any reasons that would lead you to change lawyer or law firm currently dealing with your legal matters.

6) Level of professionalism and/or efficiency perceived in your lawyer when giving their legal opinion on the issues you consult with them.
(evaluate on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as ‘poor’ and 10 ‘excellent’)

7) Do you consider that your lawyer maintains the personal and/or telephone contact necessary to keep you up to date with your affairs?

8) What information do you feel is missing from that provided by the law firm of which you are a client?

9) Do you consider that the previous information provided by your lawyer on the fees arising from the matter in question or possible final cost is sufficient?

10) Do you consider that the final fees invoiced by your lawyer are in line with the initial estimate you were given?

11) What is your opinion of the fees paid to your lawyer?
Very expensive   expensive    Normal   Cheap  

Very Cheap

12) How do you evaluate the graphic image transmitted by this firm?
(evaluate on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as ‘poor’ and 10 ‘excellent’)

13) Evaluate the following aspects in the presentation of documents and/or reports made by your lawyer
(evaluate on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as ‘poor’ and 10 ‘excellent’)  

Appearance Order Drafting
Legal quality Comprehension Spelling
Grammatical quality Presentation of facts Presentation of issue

14) Image transmitted by lawyer in the following areas.
(evaluate on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as ‘poor’ and 10 ‘excellent’)  
Seriousness Responsabilidad Own style
Prestige Control over situation Social standing
Systematic treatment of issues Clarity  

15) Sectors or legal specialities within which this firm fits (indicate those for which you think it is known)

16) Give a score of between 1-10 for the following physical features of the firm (those you know)
Meeting room Library
Magazines/newspapers Appearance
Tidiness Technical resources
Lighting Human resources
Cleanliness Comfort
Location Timetable
Personal treatment Layout
Waiting room/reception Music

17) What improvements would you make? In what areas do you think we could improve?

18) Which do you value most: out of court settlements, conceding ground in some areas, or judicial action?
  Out of court    Judicial

19) Opinion of this website and its contents.

(evaluate on a scale of 1-10, with 1 as ‘poor’ and 10 ‘excellent’)

20) If in a given legal action you decided not to take legal action and/or use a lawyer, what were your reasons?

Put off by cost matter was solved beforehand
Put off by risk of losing little possibility of interesting solutions
Put off by complexity of case lack of faith in legal system
Put off by future inconveniences little compensation from litigation compared to cost
Did not know who to contact others (list)

21) Do you contact lawyers as a preventive measure and/or to solve extrajudicial questions that do not call for court action?
  YES    NO

22) If you do not, who do you turn to to solve problems of this type?

23) Would you be interested in any other type of service that you believe this Firm could offer and is lacking in the information provided on this website?
  YES, please state which    NO

24) Suggestions

Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to answering this questionnaire, which we use to help offer you an improved service. Your opinion is very important to us.