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   The collaboration we request from our clients in filling in the questionnaires in this section of our website is applied to all of those who visit us, whether they are clients or not, in the hope that your involvement will be of benefit to future professional contacts with our firm. You may send us any of the questionnaires listed below, and inclusion of your personal data is optional.

1/Questionnaire on response to services requested from firm

2/Satisfaction/opinion questionnaire

3/Suggestions and/or complaint box

Optionally, you may provide us with your personal data, required in order to contact you. All of your personal data will be treated according to the terms of the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999, dated 13th December (LOPD), guaranteeing the confidentiality of this data and the terms of this consultation. Our files are available to clients in order that they may modify or eliminate their data at any time, bearing in mind that the personal information gathered by computerized or other methods will not be used for any other purpose other than in relation to the services we offer.