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The Firm currently employs four practicing lawyers and three clerks, working in new offices inaugurated in January 2004, covering 500 square metres and including all of the services and installations (administrative floor, reception, library and boardroom, rest room and videoconference suite, offices, three bathrooms, dressing room, two file rooms, general services room, etc.).

The work of the Firm’s lawyers is structured by specialized areas, with each being responsible for the direct, personalized control of the professional services requested by our clients, assigned to different functions depending on the nature or intricacy of the matter in question.

The lawyers currently working in the firm, all duly qualified to practice in Castellón and the rest of Spain are:

 CARLOS ZANON BAEZA, licence number 870 of the Bar Association of Castellón, and licence number 3069 of the Bar Association of Valencia. Mobile number 616 98 68 13.

MARTA GUIMERA ZAERA , licence number 1896 of the Bar Association of

MANUEL CUBEDO GIL, licence number 2628 licence number of the Bar Association of Castellón.

2879 of the Bar Association of Castellón.

At the beginning of 2004 the Firm’s specialities in employment, tax and fiscal matters were extended thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with FRANCISCO REINA HIDALGO (freina@cograsova.es), employment consultant (partner of Asesoría Gysal), and JORGE ORTEGA MARIANA (mj@ortegaferri.com), fiscal and tax consultant (partner of the consultancy firm Ortega Ferri SL), whose offices (covering 120 square metres) are in the same building as the Firm (the Domus building), from where they carry out their work together with four other members of staff.

The office makes a well-taken care of selection of the professionals of the company/signature and is constant preoccupation the formation and development of the members of he himself, by means of continuous accomplishment of update and specialization courseses.

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