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   The law firm of Zanón y Asociados(Registered trade mark in the Patents and Trademark Office dated 21st of September, 2006)” was founded in October 1992 as such, although its senior partner, who graduated in Law from the University of Valencia in 1980, had been practicing since then as a lawyer in the legal department of a major financial entity, first in Valencia and then in Castellón as its Director. Today he continues to run the legal consultancy for the same entity from the firm’s offices for the province of Castellón, for its Business Banking services.

The main elements of the Firm’s philosophy are listed below:

- Personal and direct contact, without waiting.
- Seeking practical solutions, making efforts to avoid legal confrontations.
- Computerized control of all areas.
- Access online to traverse Web to updated information state of its subjects.
- Immediate communication of results.

Our lawyers office in Castellón has undergone constant expansion since it was founded, and in July 2001 it joined the Corporación Europea de Abogados (CEA) as a founding member, an association which now includes more than twenty-five law firms in Spain’s different provinces – one office per province – with the aim of offering a more direct service in close contact with its clients in the areas where it has its offices.

Also, as part of this expansion process, in January 2004 the firm moved to new installations measuring 500 m2, extending its offer of services by incorporating the firms Asesoría Gysal and Ortega Ferri S.L, specialized in employment, fiscal and tax matters respectively.

With this composition, the firm Zanón y Asociados, focusing its work on companies and corporate problems, focuses its work on the legal, employment and fiscal problems of its clients so that they can concentrate exclusively on their businesses, without spending a minute more than is necessary on these problems, forgetting the litigious aspects that competing in their different fields involve. That is our job.

And so, legal consultancy for businesses is the very core of our activities, covering the whole range of business and financial transactions involved, often in coordination with experts from other fields. In this way we may offer specialized legal consultancy in all areas of business.

All this takes place without forgetting the individual, with the firm dedicated to offering direct, personal treatment, with a lawyer from the firm on hand to deal with the matter in question, and who may be contacted at any moment to check on the latest progress.

In order to reach these objectives, the firm is structured with lawyers who are specialized in different areas of activity, who are assigned the direct control over each of the matters our clients entrust us with, depending on their individual specialities.

In order to properly have informed all our clients into the situation who at every moment present/display the professional orders that make to us, have to their disposition a direct access - through this Web to the performances that are made in their subjects by means of the introduction of an access key and password that we provided when registering the subject to them. In this form it is acceded to the information of all the managements that are made in the subject by chronological order, all the writings and documents that elaborates the office and the main resolutions (sentences,…) that the Court or Organism dictate themselves by where the controversy is struggling, which are scanned by the Office in the subject at issue so that our clients can accede to them. With this system the client can consult his subjects when she has by advisable, obtaining an updated situation and online, being able to keep in his computer science equipment or to print what she interests to him of the information to which accedes. Like substitute to this system and for those clients who thus specifically us ask for it, this information is sent periodically by mail to its address with cuatrimestral regularity (Months of March, Julio and November of every year). All this, without damage of which it is habit of the Office to inform immediately, or by telephone or in person, of the questions of maximum interest or relevance that in relation to the managed subjects is taken place day to day.

The firm makes intensive use of new technologies–Internet, e-mail, the computerized scanning of documents, with computers connected in local network and with major investment in legal databases (on jurisprudence, legislation, bibliography, etc.) kept up to date on a regular basis.

All of the data and events arising from a file are immediately included in a computerized legal organization programme of the firm , which includes an agenda that is constantly controlled and updated, and in which are noted all of the procedures carried out and the date when the next series of documents must be presented. The information contained in this Agenda is what the clients receive.

By doing this, we aim to stay one step ahead and make the processing of our clients’ cases as agile as possible, presenting all documentation on the dates indicated in this agenda for each individual case. We cannot prevent others from causing delays, but these are not further hindered by delays of our own making, nor do we wait for notification to be sent from the courts to act, but instead provoke them if there are any delays.

Here the aim is not only to offer solutions to problems that arise, but, more importantly, to prevent and avoid them and be ready to deal with them. We prefer out of court settlements, logically authorized by the client and negotiated under the best conditions permitted by the matter in question, to court cases, involving increased costs, delays and uncertainty about the final outcome.

Furthermore, as part of our efforts to keep our clients up to date with the latest novelties in the areas we are involved in (mainly business, employment and fiscal law), in collaboration with the firms Asesoría Gysal and Ortega Ferri SL, we edit the magazine shown in another part of this website, which we send to our clients on a quarterly basis.

A final important aspect is that the Firm, as part of its policy of involvement with society, collaborates in the training of new law graduates wishing to work professionally as Solicitors, both through the Bar Association of Castellón and the Jaime I University of Castellón, institutions at which the main partner of the firm forms part of the academic staff offering classes to graduates at the School of Legal Practice of the Bar Association, and Masters’ Degrees in Legal Consultancy for Businesses organized by the University every year.

Our Law firm in Castellón, with the initiatives, human resources, materials and computer technicians which it has at it’s disposal is able to offer a reliable legal advice service. For this reason, our final recommendation would be that before making a decision you should consult a lawyer, you will always end up winning.