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1.-Clients will be informed of having their case accepted, the expected cost of the case in terms of the fees payable to the firm, as an approximate sum whenever possible, as well as any expected increases or changes in the estimate that may occur (appeals, incidents, other costs, etc.), and costs for the involvement of other professionals that may be required (solicitors, expert witnesses, etc.), which may be freely chosen by the client, without prejudice to the firm contracting them on its own behalf if not indicated on the contrary.

2.- In extrajudicial actions, fees shall be paid as a general rule, and without prejudice to other specific actions with fixed prices or percentages, using the system of payment of fees per hour of professional work.

3.- The firm has established a system for permanent consultancy for businesses based on the payment of a fixed monthly sum for the period agreed upon. Serveral versions and prices are applicable, depending on whether this consultancy includes more or less extensive service and/or legal claims. These versions include one for unlimited verbal consultancy, with a fixed annual cost of 250 Euros.

4.- In general, the payment method for all legal matters requested will be 25% on acceptance of the case, a further 50% thorughout the process, and the remaining 25% on pronouncement of the sentence or when the matter comes to an end. Identical criteria will be used for appeals before other Courts apart from those involved in the principal case.

5.- In the case of extrajudicial matters, due to their special characteristics and peculiarities, a provision of funds will be requested and specified at the start of the process, invoiced as indicated at the end of this tariffs booklet.

6.- All provisions of funds that the firm may request from clients on initiating actions will be extended to include amounts requested by other professionals taking part in the case (such as Solicitors and Expert Witnesses) or for essential expenses involved (Notaries, Registry offices, solvency reports, expert opinions, transportation costs for professionals working in outside of the area, etc.).

7.- The firm will use the quota litis system (charging a percentage of the economic result of the case with a minimu to cover basic fees and expenses in the event of failing to obtain positive results), providing this is practical depending on the nature of the case. This system will be especially used when the client requests services for the recovery of debts or claims for amounts in any specialized area (civil, employment or administrative law), civil liability claimed in criminal cases, insurance or compensation. In these cases, no prior provision of funds will be requested by the firm, except for amounts strictly necessary to pay expected costs and those of other professionals whose involvement is necessary.

8.- In all cases an initial fixed sum of 45 euros will be charged to ‘open a file’, to pay for general fixed costs arising from the case (office materials, photocopies, reports and sending correspondence to clients, telephone calls, etc.).

9.- All prices of the services offered by this firm are established based on the characteristics and prestige of the firm and its specialities, although with reference to the currently applicable Standard Guidelines for Professional Fees produced by the Administrative Board of Valencian Bar Associations.

10.-All consultations will be charged, except when these correspond to cases currently being processed or the consultancy is requested by usual clients of the office (those whose cases being currently processed or been processed are more than three). When a case is ordered as a consequence of this consultation the charge for the consultancy will be discounted from the budget or the final cost of the same.

11.- On requesting any service, and in order to offer better guarantees to clients, a professional service form will be filled in, describing as clearly and precisely as possible the economic conditions agreed between the firm and the client for the matter in question.

12.- The following issues are taken into account when producing an estimate:
-time necessary to carry out work.
-external professionals required in case
(solicitor, experts, consultancy, notary, etc.).
-Travel costs, meetings and/or negotiations to be carried out by professional responsible for the case.
-Possible expenses involved.
-Speciality or difficulty of material involved in request made.
-Professionals and other elements of the firm involved in the case.
-Economic or similar importance of the case.
-Final results obtained.

13.- All prices charged to clients are standardized (all pay the same amount), alhtough discounts may be applied in special cases depending on the number/importance of new cases instructed, or the presentation of new clients to the firm (discount system in this case).

14.- In the case of professional activities carried out that are not specifically included for payment using the fee system, providing no written agreement exists for the specific issue in question, and without prejudice to the application of these tariffs whenever possible, the guidelines detailed in the ninth general rule shall also be charged as applicable at the moment of producing and charging the invoice for fees in question.

15.- These tariffs shall be updated twice yearly as from 1st September 2002 (these are reviewed as of 01.09-06), with the client required to pay those applicable at the moment of completing the matter in question and charging the resulting fees, despite having signed other previous amounts. All tariffs for fees applicable at any given moment will be on display to the public in the reception area of the Firm and on the website of the same, and shall be the only requirement so that they are applicable. During the two-month period following each update, clients with matters underway may request that the repealed tariffs be applied to their case, in the event of which the firm reserves the right to bill all professional fees due up to that moment, and to cease all professional activity, granting permission to continue with the matter to the lawyer the client appoints for this purpose.

16.- The client will be given a copy of the tariffs in use by the firm at any given moment whenever so requested.

17.- Using these tariffs of fees, the firm Zanón&Asociados aims to define a clear and transparent price policy for the services it offers, recommending that clients consult specific cases if they are not included in the specific guidelines that follow.