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-Hourly rate for professionals, 100 euros.

-Initial study of the case with legal consultation, minimum 200 euros depending on complexity.

-Business contracts:
a) extrajudicial, 300 euros/month.
b) Judicial/Extrajudicial (please consult limitations), 400 euros/month.
(Specific and individual cases will be studied)

-Expert opinion or consultations (including telephone calls), 80 euros.
(If in excess of 45 minutes or in days, hours or special circumstances, this shall be subject to an increase of 50%)

-Presence at meetings, interviews or gatherings (with or without client), 130 euros.

-Work outside of office (per visit): a) In same location, 60 euros.
b) Half day outside of location, 125 euros.
c) Whole day outside of location, 220 euros.
(Transportation costs, accommodation, meals and similar will be billed separately)

-Contracts, paid by hours depending on the time necessary to draft and/or check them, taking into account their complexity, economic importance, and all revisions and/or negotiations required to harmonize criteria and reach agreement between the parties involved; minimum 160 euros (simple contracts). When the lawyer function is not only limited to write the instrument, but he or she has to reach an agreement between the parties the abovementioned sums will be increased by 50 %.

-Notarial deeds and documents (as per contracts), minimum 100 euros.

-Standard or model contracts for multiple use, minimum 450 euros.

-Leasing contracts, minimum 180 euros.

-Drafting of Deeds of Association for companies and other types, 700 euros.

-Consultation and mediation in marital proceedings and drafting of regulatory documents for agreements, 400 euros.

-Liquidation of companies and dissolution of matrimonial economic regimes, partitions and liquidation of wills, 900 euros.
(This amount may be increased in cases of special complexity, in which it is difficult to reach agreement between the parties involved, or due to the amount of property involved and its value).

-Drafting of documents for Meetings of Property Owners’ Associations and company AGMs, between 200 and 400 euros, depending on the duration of the Meeting and the complexity of the issues dealt with.
(These fees are separate from those corresponding to travel costs and meetings with interested parties)

- Drafting of wills and codicils, 400 euros.

-Permanent consultancy to boards of directors of companies or businesses ... a percentage of the annual share capital to be agreed upon in each individual case.

-Closure and liquidation of companies, 3% of assets to be liquidated.

-Sale of property and businesses, 5% of sales price.

-Expert advice or reports in writing up to two sheets, 200 euros.
(50 euros per extra sheet, taking into account the complexity of the issue being dealt with)

-Arrangement of payment of positive amounts without starting legal proceedings, 13% of amount paid.

-Extrajudicial transactions (non-economic), 60% of judicial price according to tariff of Fees of the Bar Associations of Valencia.

-Arbitration, tariffs applicable by the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón.

-Legal consultation via email by Internet, Consult website.

For the presentation of new clients (who request services), a discount of between 10% and 20% of the last service requested, or otherwise the next requested providing this is within the following year.

Flat rate tariff for legal consultation 120 Euro/year (limited to 10 year consultations).
“Including continuous legal consultation for usual situations and problems, we can solve all your legal questions by telephone or e-mail, draft simple writings (letters of the lawyer to claim debts and others to third parties, requests, .) and 20% discount in the other services offered by the Firm”.

-Administrative procedures for recording deeds and documents in Registry offices and accountants, 9 euros per document.

-Professional performance of simple procedures before public or private bodies, 40 euros each.

-Write letters or fax of lawyers for claims, 20 euros.

-Files to solve problems in Registries, minimum 400 euros plus charges for start procedures, depending on the complexity.