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-Assistance for detainees or prisoners, 200 euros.

- Habeas Corpus proceedings, 500 euros.

-Presentation of writ of accusation in a criminal matter, 100 euros.

-Presentation of report, 150 euros each misdemeanour and 240 euros each reported offence.

-Presentation of criminal complaints, between 500 and 1500 euros per offence accused.

-Intervention in Criminal Hearings, between 200 and 400 euros depending on complexity.

-Intervention during Preliminary hearings, between 300 and 2000 euros.

-Intervention in appraisal and assistance and defence in oral proceedings in offences, between 300 and 500 euros per offence in abbreviated proceedings, and between 1300 and 2500 euros in summary proceedings, trials with juries and trials ‘in camera’. If the case is dismissed before reaching trial, all fees paid up to that moment may be increased by 50%.

-Civil liability in matters when civil liability exists to make a claim or when claims are made, paying a percentage in accordance with generally applicable guidelines for civil actions with regard to the amounts paid to or claimed from clients.

-Intervention in execution stage in offences, between 100 and 250 euros.

-Assistance in execution stage involving prison sentences, between 350 and 900 euros.

-Assistance in execution stage without prison sentences, between 200 and 600 euros.

- Criminal cases involving minors, between 500 and 2500 euros, depending on whether the acts constitute offences or crimes, number of offences or persons involved, and the importance of the offence.

-For each presence at hearings in Courts of Law this amount will increase by 100 euros, or 200 euros if the hearing is outside of the city.

-For writs requesting that charges be dismissed, 600 euros.

-Appeals in: Trials of misdemeanour. Minimum 150 euros.
                  Short proceedings. Minimum 300 euros.
                 Summary trial. Minimum 600 euros.

General note on criminal matters: All amounts shall be paid as indicated, although other amounts may be charged if justified by the seriousness of the accusation, particular complexity, difficulty or importance of the case, number of persons involved, number of court hearings involved, documentation to be presented, etc. Leaving the office to perform acts, proceedings or being present in giving evidence of involved people or defendants will be billed separately.