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An area intimately connected with the construction sector –contracts for the buying and selling of property and others for acquiring land and property, and all of the incidents that may arise in relations between builders and/or developers and buyers, from all of the different perspectives involved, and in consultancy on the official registration of properties, rights and contracts, as well as incidents produced in Property Registries, including the presentation and follow-up of governmental appeals before the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries.

Amongst other areas, the firm offers consultancy on declarations for new constructions, property transactions, contracts for the execution of works and edification, exchanges for works, the constitution of condominium and multiple properties and its legislation, the grouping and segregation of land, the exploitation and constitution of housing developments, and all other matters relating to property law in general.

In particular, consultancy is offered on the creation, modification, extinction and/or legal execution of rights in rem –encumbrance/easement, usufruct, conditions subsequent, buying options, registration of rent, etc., and in particular, rights in rem for mortgages, including the resolution of any subsequent incidents – situations when properties are not correctly registered, mortgage executions by creditors or situations contested by debtors, seeking solutions and the auctioning of mortgaged property, etc.