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 derecho matrimonial y de familia


Our team specialized in Matrimonial Law offers consultancy on requirements for valid civil and church weddings either between Spanish nationals or between Spanish nationals and foreigners, or between foreigners in spain, including all rights and obligations of married couples under different economic regimes (shared or individual possessions, or specific conditions spouses may wish to impose) as well as pre-nuptial agreements or the problems involved with de facto associations.

We also offer consultancy services and intervention in situations of matrimonial crisis, such as separation, divorce or annulment, as well as religious annulment.

In protecting our clients’ interests, our team of lawyers specialized in divorces offer advice on the regulatory agreement for separation or divorce, which implies deciding and regulating in detail the compensatory pension and other support, the use of the joint residence, custody and visiting periods for children, and the liquidation of the joint economic regime, if applicable; offering detailed information on the legal and economic aspects of the separation or divorce, and any possible urgent measures controlled by law to prevent the spouse most in need of protection from suffering during the legal process.


As a part of civil law and in relation to matrimonial law, we are also specialized in family law, regulating relationships between parents and children – rights and obligations – as well as the obligations of custody, upkeep, education etc, and including questions as important adoption and procedures to recognize or contest paternity.

We offer consultancy services and guidance to our clients on processing public documents for pre-adoptive fostering and adoption with the relevant authorities, as well as the guardianship and protection of minors, or processes of voluntary jurisdiction: guardians, protectors of property, adoption and fostering, the sale or encumbrance of property owned by minors, etc.

We intervene in all types of legal processes related to minors, including those involved in Criminal Law for Minors.

The team of lawyers specialized in Matrimonial law and divorces of Zanon asociados are ready to answer your questions and offer advice whenever you need to.