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herencias y testamentos


Including inheritance assessment and consultation on all problems related to inheritance following the death of a person, both in preventative terms prior to the person’s death (drafting of wills, allocation of property) as well as solving problems after death, either extrajudicially or in court if necessary.

We offer consultation on the possibilities of writing a will and the provisions to be included, dealing with each specific case in a discrete, personalized manner.

We also offer information on the rights and obligations of the heirs; on how an inheritance is divided and its parts, to whom each part belongs, the possibilities of distributing inherited property, as well as the ability to accept or reject an inheritance, and what the best solution is for the client.

We will also deal with any issues in relation to legacies, the different types involved and how they are established. More delicate situations, such as disinheritance, will be treated with great discretion.

Consultancy is offered on the naming of executors and their obligations, in the event of persons dying without having made a will, or intestate succession.

The team of specialist lawyers in inheritance assessment of Zanón Asociados is at your disposition for assessment