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The main economic areas of the province of Castellón of international interest are the exportation of citrus fruit, ceramics (with factories manufacturing tiles and ceramic paving), petrochemical products, tourism (hotels and restaurants) and the property sector (constructors and estate agents). At the same time, the province imports machinery and industrial technology (for ceramics and agricultural transformation).

In order to cover the legal requirements of foreign companies who wish to set up operations in Castellón, the firm of Zanón y Asociados offers consultancy on creating Spanish companies or branch offices, banking law, buying and selling property and other investments, joint ventures, financing, fiscal conditions, commercial reports, etc.

In turn, through the Corporación Europea de Abogados, or European Lawyers’ Corporation (C.E.A.), Spanish clients are offered the possibility of taking legal action against foreign companies in their countries of origin, controlling the whole process via legal firms situated in these countries that are members of the CEA.

Also, the services to Foreign Nationals offered by the firm to immigrants arriving in Spain include the processing of residents’ permits (either temporary or permanent, and their renovation) for EU nationals and residents from other countries, work permits, extended stay permits, annual limits, processing of Spanish nationality, regularization, family grouping, processing of visas, appeals against expulsions, etc.