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derecho bancario

Our team is comprised of two lawyers and two accountancy consultants, forming a law firm that combines the professional practice of advocacy with consultancy for accountancy, financial and tax purposes, offering our clients an integral consultation and assessment service, paying special attention to personalized treatment and the satisfactory resolution of all of our professional projects to ensure obtaining the best results.

We offer a legal service aimed at finding solutions, emphasizing prevention as a factor that has a knock-on effect on the efficiency and profitability of our clients.

We surround ourselves and collaborate with highly qualified professionals, with demonstrated training under constant renovation, prepared to offer the very best solutions to all of the problems that constantly appear in the world of business.

At our own offices we carry out continuous training and encourage internal promotion within the firm. It is also a firm open to taking on new professionals, so that we may continue to offer a personalized service as our client base grows.

We produce a specialized magazine on a regular basis covering aspects including fiscal matters, to ensure that our clients are kept up to date on the issues that concern them.

Thanks to our personal experience of more than fifteen years we carry out all types of accountancy work, calculating state, regional and municipal taxes, offering full consultancy services for fiscal, accountancy and tax purposes, at a reasonable financial cost.