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 derecho laboral



- Guidance on the most suitable type of company based on specific considerations, by their owners and according to the sector in which they will operate (Cooperativas Coop.; Sociedad Limitada laboral, S.L.L.; Sociedad Limitada, S.L.; Sociedad Anónima, S.A.; etc).

- Requests for company names, articles of association, administrative bodies, Companies’ Register, registration with tax office, social security.

- Processing of grants offered and available from public administrations (at state, regional and/or local level).

Control and monitoring of staff matters and relations with employment authorities.

- Salaries and social security payments, (authorization from social security network system, electronic data transfer).
- Health and safety at work. (Working conditions, relations with competent bodies and representatives, delegates for prevention of accidents at work, health and safety committees and preventative services)

- Processing documentation with Social Security or controlling entities: new workers, redundancies, variation of data, accident reports (RED and DELTA system)
- Contracts, extensions, severance pay, company certification, etc. (CONTRATA programme from employment agency)

- Representation and assistance for any work or social security related matter before different public bodies and others involved in employment matters (SMAC – Arbitration and Conciliation Service– Territorial Employment Directorate. National Institute of Social Security; General Social Security Treasury; Social Courts and employment arbitration tribunal)


Within companies:

- Entry (Social security registration; Contracts: type, content)

- Permanence (working conditions, functional and geographical mobility, health and safety at work, health supervision, etc.)

- Termination (cancellation of social security; termination of contract; dismissal; redundancy payments, documentation required for each case).

- Claims made to employment authorities and social jurisdictions regarding contractual relations with the company.

In administrative areas.

Social security:

- Contributions made: permanent disability (at any level); child benefit; retirement; death and widow/widower’s pensions.

- SOVI payments.


- Unemployment payments.
- Supplementary benefit.


- Regulated Economic Provisions (Supplementary/ non-contributory) Retirement; Disability...etc.

Specialities: Documentation for different types of employment controls (reductions in working day, temporary suspension and/or termination of contracts); collective conflicts; collective negotiation and trade union law.