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Legal status for ownership of flats and properties forming an integral and indivisible part of one single building, regulating relations between the owners of homes and flats.

This area includes everything in relation to Communities of owners or neighbours and as a result all rights and obligations of owners (use and respect of installations, maintenance of one’s own flat and shared elements, repairs necessary to ensure the correct maintenance of the property, contribution to maintenance costs in a proportion according to the quota of ownership, obligations to contribute to reserve funds and other conflictive aspects); the eternally thorny difference between shared and private elements; residents’ associations; meetings, presidents, secretary and administrator; assistance and drafting of minutes from residents’ association meetings; contesting agreements reached at these meetings; drafting Community Statutes; legal demands for unpaid amounts and unauthorized construction work, etc.

Status of private housing complexes, including buildings listed as condominiums which in turn are included within one single housing development.


Regulations concerning leases and rental are mainly controlled by the Laws on Rural Leases and urban leases. The first refers to the leasing of rural plots for cultivation, whereas the second refers to any building or property listed as urban, which in turn are differentiated as either leases for housing or for different use (businesses or industrial warehouses, etc.)

At the consultancy stage, advice is given on contracting – the composition and scope of the different clauses involved, including the negotiation of terms and finally the drafting of the contract, and once this has come into effect, offering consultancy on the rights and obligations of the client in relation to the other party to the contract.

More interesting issues are the duration period of the contract, the possibilities of early termination, the right to increase rent, including different elements in the contract that may be attributed to the person renting the property, such as property tax or the cost of improvement or conditioning work.

In litigation our work involves eviction for non-payment, illegal or aggravating activities, unauthorized construction work or subletting, claims and updating of rents, etc.

On behalf of tenants, issues of interest here are the obligatory undertaking of repair work, the obligation to renew contracts to the maximum legal limit, performance according to the contract, facilitating payment and use of the leased property, etc.