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 derecho mercantil


The mercantile area forms the nucleus of our legal activity, covering the whole range of transactions and commercial relations within the world of business. When necessary, this is carried out jointly with experts from other areas.

We offer our professional services which range from the constitution to the legal liquidation of companies and societies, including all legal situations that may arise in connection with suppliers, clients and even competitors, such as acquisitions and/or transfers of companies and intervention in all types of bankrupcy proceeding file involving companies and owners, both as debtors and creditors, depending on the position the client occupies.

We also draft any type of contract required for daily purposes, and offer advice on the best legal guarantees to demand in commercial transactions or relations when starting out in business.

All consultancy and services offered involving company law are equally offered to foreign companies seeking the professional services of lawyers to defend their interests in the province of Castellón – also applicable to other parts of Spain in which we are entitled to exercise as lawyers with the support of the Corporación Europea de Abogados, C.E.A.-, by virtue of the commercial relations that may be maintained with Spanish companies, such as ceramic companies, the main economic activity in this province.

Our services in this area of mercantile and corporate law are focused on offering consultancy on different aspects of company law, including defending shareholders’ rights, contesting business agreements, offering assistance and consultancy for Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, legal action and defence against company administrators, drafting the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, extensions or reductions of share capital, drafting or modifying Deeds of Association, powers of attorney, assisting creditors against debtors to the company, issuing claims for amounts owed, the payment of unpaid sums and other actions for the repayment of due amounts, restructuring companies in situations of insolvency and their debts, negotiating with affected parties (creditors, employees, suppliers and clients), temporary administration and sale of insolvent companies, and seeking definitive solutions for companies in situations of crisis.

The team of mercantile lawyers and bankrupcy solicitors of Zanón Asociados is at your disposition for assessment