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 derecho civil

In this branch of law, we offer consultancy services in:

-Matters relating to property/possessions, methods of acquisition; studying action to be taken when peaceful reclamation is denied, actions aimed at protecting the ownership of property, demands, declarations, property boundaries on land; easement.

-Community of property: constitution, division of common status, ....

-Usufruct and rights and obligations derived therein.

-Problems related to easement –passage, lighting and views, water, walls, etc. ...-.

-Contractual relations, either between people or companies. As part of this area all types of contracts may be studied and drafted, adjusted to the needs of the client, studying the convenience or not of the advantages or disadvantages these may lead to, their requisites and effects (including fiscal matters), as well as their termination or resolution, in or out of court. Everything in relation to the negotiation of contracts and their drafting, as well as legal demands for compliance or termination.

-Charging of debts and non-payments and all types of claims for unpaid amounts, including unpaid bills, services offered, bills of exchange, cheques, legal actions against debtors, embargoes, third party claims to ownership and third pary’s ownership rights ....