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derecho bancario


Analysis and consultancy in the field of banking law and on all types of bank contracts (loans, credits, mortgages, counter guarantees for surety or financing, negotiating bills of credit or discounts, exports and imports in different currencies, current accounts, documentary credits, fixed-term deposits, stocks, investment funds/pensions, liability contracts, stock exchange, etc.)

—Studies and advice on bank commissions, interests and charges applicable to all types of contracts taken out with financial entities, as well as making claims for undue payments made, both outside of court between the entity and the Bank of Spain, and judicially.

—Legal service to contest (after free consultation and consultancy as necessary) economic claims made by financial entities in any type of legal action taken by them (particularly for credits and mortgages). Monitoring of communications and legal advice on practical solutions according to present circumstances.

—Claims made out of court and in court to financial entities as a result of possibly erroneous or incorrect behaviour in their operations and relations with their clients.

—Negotiations/transactions with financial entities in problematic situations that may arise as a result of commercial relations held with them.

The firm’s experience in the field of banking law is well known, as a result of the extensive experience of its lawyers in offering legal consultancy services to numerous financial entities in our area of operations since 1985.

The team of specialist lawyers in banking law of Zanón Asociados is at your disposition for assessment.