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Zanón y Asociados prefer direct, face-to-face meetings to telephone conversations, and telephone conversations to e-mail messages, but as we do not look down on the use of new technologies, if you prefer to send us your query using this method, we offer a series of recommendations to ensure making full use of your time and money:

1.- Describe your case in as much detail as possible, offering all of the information you know or remember even if you consider it to be of little importance, ending with a clear list of your wishes or needs. If possible, include any documentation (scanned or transcribed, or otherwise mail photocopies to our address).

2.- On the same or next working day the Firm will confirm reception of the message an indicate that either the Firm considers it has all of the elements it considers necessary to resolve the case and will indicate the estimated time this will take, or will request that you send further details or documentation. At the same time, having evaluated the difficulty of the query, you will be sent an estimate for your approval.

3.- After having accepted the price this will indicate a firm commitment to contracting the legal assistance services requested, and an expert opinion will be drafted within a maximum period of one week, which once paid will be sent together with the invoice to the address you indicate, or we will arrange an interview to give it to you in person.

4.- At the interview or on receiving the expert opinion, and at no extra cost, you may request that this be extended or clarified in more detail, without this counting as a new consultation.

5.- Confidentiality: if you wish, you may remain anonymous, or obtain our certificate to encrypt the query.

6.- The Firm will comply with all fiscal obligations arising from this transaction (all queries are subject to VAT at the current rate applicable at the time of payment, and are subject to all deductions for tax purposes for professional and trading companies).