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Consultancy is offered by professional services to which the general standards in this matter are applied. Once the Firm has accepted to offer its expert advice on a case, it is obliged to fulfil its obligations with the maximum diligence.

The Firm cannot accept responsibility for consequences resulting from failing to present the case correctly or not presenting all of the elements involved therein, either in favour or in detriment of the client, or as a result of not presenting this information with the necessary objectivity.

Neither may it accept responsibility for the incorrect use of professional advice, including negative consequences from bringing cases before the Courts in a defective manner, as the offering of sound legal advice may lead to a negative final result if the matter is not correctly handled by an expert firm in legal proceedings.

Any case comprises a problem, a goal to be attained, and a series of legal instruments to reach this objective. The Firm offers a solution for your consultation by issuing expert advice, either in electronic or written format, in the following way:

-First, we will make a transcription of your request or your case, just as you presented it to us.

-We will then provide a presentation of the case in legal terms, with explanations making it easy to understand both by the client and by third parties.

-We will then produce a report on all applicable legislation and jurisprudence.

-Next we will provide an analysis of the possible solutions to the case, in terms of time and money. These will include the solution chosen or proposed by the client.

-Finally, we will make a study, with all relevant explanations, on the steps the client must take in order to solve the problem.

As an example, the most frequent consultations received by this professional firm using this method are in reference to:
- Drafting contracts
- Expert advice on legal issues
- Legal and/or administrative auctions of property taking place in Castellón
- Property and related issues
- Reports from Administrators of Land/Property Owners
- Matrimonial and family disputes.